Hi, my name is Rachel Hawk,  I have loved photography and design since I was in High School.  In August 2011, I decided to begin my own photography business. We built a new beautiful studio in 2017 with two rooms just from my addictive desire to buy props....endless props, but yet never enough, lol!   My love throughout the years has definitely turned to Newborn Photography!  I also really love milestone photography as well, so I can capture all those precious moments during their first year!   From them learning to smile, to sitting, and even standing and running off my sets, I love it all.


I also offer senior and family sessions, this year however I will be taking a little step back from seniors and family sessions.  I will still be offering them, but they will just be a little more limited on availability as I will be limiting my evening and weekend sessions.  I love using what God has given us and I do most of my family and senior photography outdoors!


Photography is exciting and I am constantly learning. I love to try new things to see what I can capture behind the lens! 


On a more personal note to tell you a little about my life.  I have been blessed with a loving husband, who many of you get to meet since he loves to pop his head in at sessions and is my wonderful assistant at times.  This year we celebrated our 20th year anniversary.  We have 4 beautiful daughters who are our whole world! Our oldest just got engaged this last year so we are having a little fun planning her wedding.  Our middle daughter is a high school senior so we are getting to enjoy all the fun that comes along with that!  Then our youngest two girls have entered the world of middle school....please pray for us :)   Our life is hectic, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love my family and my job, so for some reason it just all works!  I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about your life!